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Membership to The Nest offers you exclusive access to Kristen’s premium monthly content and is designed to support your soul’s journey, ignite deep healing, help you learn new things, and empower you to become your most authentic soulful self.

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You can try The Nest out for $9.99 your first month and $20/month thereafter. Cancel any time!

members have access to

Exclusive Monthly Recorded Workshops

A new video lesson each month from Kristen teaching on a theme related to intuition, healing, metaphysics, and spirituality.​

Healing Meditations and Attunements

A rotating of healing meditations and energy attunements with new content added each month.​

Workbooks and Journaling Exercises

Download exciting workbooks, journaling exercises, and other tools to help you mindfully access your inner wisdom.​

Monthly Rituals and Spiritual Practices

Access to new ritual and spiritual practices each month to help you cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and Spirit.

Monthly Video Q&A With Kristen

Each month I answer your submitted questions in a recorded video format that you can listen to at your leisure. ​

Exclusive Member Deals and Discounts

Receive 20% off all Rooted Wisdom online courses, early access to new content, and other exclusive member deals.​

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I’m Kristen Blythe, intuitive coach, energy healing teacher, and mentor for healing professionals. I’m so excited to offer my membership portal “The Nest” to you! It contains teachings, meditations, activations and so much more that you won’t find anywhere else and is designed to expand your horizons in a supportive and uplifting way.

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…then The Nest is the place for you! This member community has been developed to help you grow and offer you monthly support for an affordable monthly membership that you can try your first month for only $9.99 (50% off) and cancel at any time.


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easy to use platform

When you join you will receive instant access to the Nest Portal where you’ll be able to:

  • Cultivate your personal spiritual practice by downloading your go to meditations, rituals, and exercises

  • Explore lessons, ask questions, receive healing, and deepen your intuition and connection to yourself
  • Access on your computer or mobile device with a seamless experience

  • Access the current month’s content as well as archives of past content for as long as you maintain your membership

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frequently asked questions

You may cancel your membership at any time by visiting the “Account” link in the menu at the top of each page. Under Account Maintenance, select “cancel subscription” and enter your password to close your account.

Your monthly membership costs $20.00 USD per month and payments are accepted securely via credit card.

Yes! The content in The Nest is designed to be downloaded in a convenient way. All audio recordings, workbooks, rituals, and other materials in The Nest can be downloaded to your local device and saved for future use with the exception of video content. While video lessons cannot be downloaded and saved, an audio version of videos are downloadable to your device and can be saved for future reference.

Each month members receive teachings, meditations, rituals, access to a Q&A, spiritual tools, worksheets, and soul-based workbooks to help them fill up their well and stay aligned to their soul. You’ll also receive discounts on Rooted Wisdom courses, exclusive member offers, and other deals. New features will likely be added in the future, and all current members will be able to access new features when they arrive.

Each month Kristen will upload content to The Nest and you will receive an email notifying you when new content has been added (this is usually around a theme and will include content such as a meditation, teachings, workbook, journaling prompts, tools etc.) You will also have the ability to email Kristen your questions for the Q&A portion of The Nest offerings, as well as feedback and content suggestions.

Kristen is not able to offer personalized support to members in The Nest, so it is important that questions and content requests be supportive and relevant to all members.

If you would like one-on-one support, consider applying to work with Kristen as a coaching client here: https://rootedwisdomcoaching.com/discovery-call-request/

New content is uploaded on the 1st of each month.

All of the content in The Nest has been designed to be easy to use, no matter how much time you have. You can listen to video lessons, the Q&A, and use workbooks and other materials on your own time. You will find something to do, no matter if you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes to spare.

No. When you join The Nest you are free to access all of the current and past content at your own pace. The content for each month is archived within the portal, so you may always go back and access any past content even after a month is over for as long as you maintain your membership.

Because of the nature of growth, our souls are always whispering and guiding us. Kristen’s teaching style is to create a container for you to connect with your own inner wisdom and the intelligence of nature. For this reason, it does not matter if you are a beginner or seasoned meditator.

If you have questions about your account, you may submit a support request through the account support page here: https://portal.rootedwisdomcoaching.com/support-feedback/

You can read about our refund and cancellation policy here: https://portal.rootedwisdomcoaching.com/terms-conditions.

Because of the digital nature of The Nest and its content, we do not issue refunds for membership fees. If you would like to end your membership in The Nest, you may cancel at any time from within your account.